Sherburne S. Merrill Railroad Library Collection of Magazines & Periodicals (This does not include the large number of reference books available):
➢Official Guides (back to 1895, intermittent)
➢Official Railway Equipment Registers (1930-1990, intermittent)
➢Indexes: Stephans Railroad Directories (Trains, MR, RMC, Railroad, RF&RR) & other indexes
➢Train Shed Cyclopedias (#1 through #90 + index) (all)
➢ Railroad Magazine (inc. Railroad Man’s Magazine, Railroad Stories, Railman, Railfan & Railroad) (1930-present) (all)
➢Trains Magazine (1940-present) (all)
➢GBWHS newsletters
➢The Milwaukee Railroader (TMR), (MRHA) (1997-present)
➢Extra 2200 South (misc.) > Classic Trains (2000-present) (all)
➢NorthWestern Lines (CNWHS) (#1-present) (all)
➢Pacific Rail News (misc.)
➢Private Varnish (misc.)
➢Rail Classics (1973-1991)
➢Rail News (1982-1998)
➢The Soo (SLH&TS) (1977-2013)
➢Timberbeast (misc.)
➢Timber Times (#1-present) (all)
➢Vintage Rails (#1-20) (all)
➢Railroad Modeler (1972-77)
➢Model Railroading (misc.)
➢Railroad History/R&LHS Bulletin (#73-213, intermittent)
➢Model Railroader (1934-present) (all)
➢Mainline Modeler (1980-2006) (all)
➢Railroad Model Craftsman (1950-present) (all)
➢The Model Craftsman (1948-49 intermittent)