Merrill City Directories held at the Merrill Historical Society.

These are searchable by book, and if you hold down the Control Key you can highlight and copy text from the books.

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1890City Directory1975City Directory
1893City Directory1976City Directory
1896-97City Directory1977City Directory
1900-01City Directory1978City Directory
1902City Directory1979City Directory
1905-06City Directory1980City Directory
1908City Directory1981City Directory
1912City Directory1983City Directory
1915City Directory1985City Directory
1921City Directory1986City Directory
1925City Directory1987City Directory
1930City Directory1989City Directory
1937-38Lincoln County Farms1990City Directory
1939City Directory1994City Directory
1945City Directory1995City Directory
1948City Directory1997City Directory
1951City Directory1998City Directory
1953City Directory2001City Directory
1956City Directory2004City Directory
1958City Directory2006City Directory
1960City Directory2007City Directory
1962 City Directory2009City Directory
1964 City Directory2010City Directory
1965City Directory2012City Directory
1967City Directory2014City Directory
1971City Directory2016City Directory
1973City Directory2018City Directory

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