(Semi-Permanent Exhibit)

The history of the Page Milk Company can be traced back to 1866 in Switzerland and four American brothers named Page.  In November of 1925, Rowland Page opened the Merrill Page Milk Company plant to manufacture condensed milk.  Local contractor Gust Torkelson built the plant.  They took in 6,230 pounds of milk the first day and would grow to be one of the largest such companies in the U.S.


Page Milk


Gone Fishing

(Semi-Permanent Exhibit)

The Gone Fishing exhibit features a large collection of antique outboard boat motors.  It also includes a wide selection of fishing poles and reels illustrating their evolution over time, and a display case full of fishing lures patented and used throughout the years. 


The Pinery & Beyond


This permanent exhibit is a tribute to the rich logging and lumbering history of the Village of Jenny-which, in turn, became the City of Merrill.  The Pinery exhibit brings to life the stories first created by the lumber barons and loggers who carved out this area along the Prairie and Wisconsin Rivers, to the entrepreneurs who diversified and changed to keep pace with an evolving economy to the present day. 

Native American

Ebert-Sykes Gallery


Paul & Laura Ebert were avid collectors of logging and Native American items. After Paul's passing, the Historical Society worked with Laura and their daughter Sarah Sykes to bring this incredible collection to the Merrill History & Culture Center.  Complemented by a complete history of the evolution of Native Americans in this country, and a remarkable collection of copper, pottery & beadwork artifacts that represents the artistry of these early peoples.


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The Merrill Historical Society’s mission is to educate the public about our heritage using the unique historical and cultural resources we collect and preserve - We are protecting the collective memories of our local community and sharing them through exhibitions, objects, discussion and study as a continuing resource for the benefit of present and future generations.