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Preserving your memories is a difficult task.  The Historical Society has limited storage, and the need to keep our exhibits fresh means in most cases that your item or items will not be displayed permanently.  One of the other reasons for rotating artifacts is the protection of that item. Light, heat, cold, and dampness are all enemies of preservation.  When an item is on display, it is most certainly exposed to more light than when in storage, for fabrics, this is a big concern, also fragile paper document and original artwork.  


What are two essential things to be considered when accepting a donated artifact? Condition and the local significance of the object/article are crucial.  Is the item connected to Merrill in some way?  Do you have a photograph or document that goes with the artifact you are donating?  If the object is in inferior condition - unless it is a significant piece of Merrill history, it would not be displayable.  The Society does not have the funds to repair, refinish, mend or dry clean the artifacts we take in.


If you have an item or items, you are considering donating, please call ahead and talk with one of our Collections Committee members about what you have.

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The Merrill Historical Society’s mission is to educate the public about our heritage using the unique historical and cultural resources we collect and preserve - We are protecting the collective memories of our local community and sharing them through exhibitions, objects, discussion and study as a continuing resource for the benefit of present and future generations.