With the passing of David Finanger this year, our historic calendar organizer, and the publishing of the 25th Anniversary Calendar for this year 2021, the historical society has decided to end the calendars. We understand many people looked forward to this as a nice Christmas gift, but we feel that we need to look at another way to share our more "recent" photographs and stories from say 50 years ago. Events that can be remembered and talked about by more people.

We expect to have something developed by next year, and will strive to make it as affordable at the Calendar has been, so it will still be an economical gift.

If you don't have one of the Merrill books: Merrill Fires, Merrill Parks, Merrill in the 1920s, they have lots of pictures and stories and are reasonably priced at $2.50 each. Also you might consider one of these lovely watercolor prints by local artist Renee Smith of the Scott Mansion. There are 2 sizes of prints and note cards. If you are interested in these, please call the Historical Society for information - 715-536-5652, or email merrillpast@gmail.com.